Jaguar / South America - Giclée Print


‘Jaguar / South America’ was drawn to support World Animal Protection and explores the flora and fauna of South America.

297 x 420mm (Edition: 500)

420 x 594mm (Edition: 500)
300gsm 100% Cotton Archival Paper
Individually hand signed by Nathan Ferlazzo.
Includes hand signed certificate of authenticity.

Frame not included.

Printed on 300gsm archival paper using high quality Epson pigment inks. The paper was made using the finest and oldest paper-making technique. It is mould-made 100% cotton rag crafted at the Arches paper mill in Lorraine, France. Using giclée fine art reproduction technology, each print includes the Marini Ferlazzo embossment, validating it as an authorised giclée print that conforms to archival standards.

Can you spot these animals in this illustration:
Andean Condor
Brown-Throated Sloth
Capuchin Monkey
Dyeing Dart Frog
Emperor Tamarin
Galapagos Tortoise
Giant Blue Morpho Butterfly
Giant Otter
Golden Dart Frog
Green Anaconda
Harpy Eagle
Humboldt Penguin
Maned Wolf
Mexican Tree Frog
Red Bellied Piranha
Scarlet Macaw
South American Coati
Southern Long-Nosed Armadillo
Spectacled Bear
Toco Toucan
Violet Winged Grasshopper

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