Blue-banded Bee – Limited Edition Print


Blue-banded bees are one of a few native Australian bee species that perform a particular type of pollination known as ‘buzz pollination’. This type of pollination is really useful on crops such as tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, kiwi fruit, eggplants and chilies. For this reason, the blue-banded bee is extremely valuable to Australian farmers.

• 8 x 10 inch (203 x 254mm)

• Hand-Signed & Numbered
• Editions: 24
• 310gsm 100% Cotton Archival Paper
• Includes hand signed certificate of authenticity. 
Frames not included.

This is a limited edition archival giclée print, individually produced by Nathan Ferlazzo. The paper is 310gsm 100% cotton rag crafted at the Canson paper mill in Annonay, France. Each print includes the Marini Ferlazzo embossment, validating it as an authorised giclée print that conforms to archival standards.

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