Asian Elephant - Giclée Print


210 x 210mm (Edition: Open)
297 x 420mm (Edition: 124)
420 x 594mm (Edition: 124)
310gsm 100% Cotton Archival Paper
Individually hand signed by Nathan Ferlazzo.
Includes hand signed certificate of authenticity.

Frame not included.

This is an archival giclée print, individually produced by Nathan Ferlazzo. The paper is 310gsm 100% cotton rag crafted at the Canson paper mill in Annonay, France. Each print includes the Marini Ferlazzo embossment, validating it as an authorised giclée print that conforms to archival standards.
Elephants are amazingly smart and social animals. They care for their sick and assist herd members in danger or if they are injured. When a herd member dies, elephants mourn the death and perform funeral-like rituals. They are the only mammal other than humans known to do this. Sadly, elephants are taken from the wild to be used in entertainment and subjected to both mental and physical abuse. World Animal Protection is calling for animal-friendly tourists and tour operators worldwide to keep wild animals wild and stop cruel animal attractions once and for all.


1. Avoid tourist attractions that include elephants and other wild animals.
2. Spread the word - share this print on social media.
3. Donate to World Animal Protection and help support their efforts to keep wild animals in the wild.
4. Purchase this print and a share of proceeds is donated to World Animal Protection.

5% of profits from every print sold is donated to World Animal Protection.
The copyright remains the property of Marini Ferlazzo upon sale

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